Phonon 4.2 and integration for Qt 4.5

Thierry Bastian thierry.bastian at
Tue Jun 10 14:36:57 BST 2008

Hi Matthias,


We've just looked through (together with Richard and Jens) the changes made
in Phonon 4.2 compared to Phonon 4.1 (shipped with Qt 4.4).


First, the change in AudioOutputInterface breaks source compat for
apparently no really good reason. Adding the setOutputDevice with the
parameter being an objectDescription doesn't really bring much over a int
since the backend is in complete control of that int. I don't think we can
accept to break source compat for this reason alone. We should probably try
to minimize the number of versions of the same interface, for code
readability's sake.


Then for capture, it seems someone uncommented the code for audio capture
device. It is in that case quite useless because one can't create such an
object(AudioInput ?) for now. We suggest that we comment it back. We should
work on it for a future release and add video capture as well. And this
capture will really be useful only when it will be possible to stream it
back to a file.


Other than that, we're pretty confident about integrating the newer Phonon
into Qt 4.5.




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