Phonon include headers mismatch

Matthias Kretz kretz at
Wed Jul 2 09:17:56 BST 2008

On Monday 30 June 2008 01:08:26 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Let's decide on one thing only and stick to it:
> Phonon 4.0 (KDE 4.0) headers are in Phonon/*

KDE 4.0 (and Phonon 4.2) ship headers in include/phonon/* and forward headers 
in include/KDE/Phonon/*

> Phonon 4.1 (Qt 4.4) headers are in phonon/*
> says #include <Phonon>, but
> there's no such file in Qt sources. It does in KDE sources.
> says #include <phonon>.
> That exists in Qt sources, but not in KDE's.

You mean <phonon/*> vs. <Phonon/*>, no? Because KDE doesn't have a <Phonon> 

> The Qt examples use #include <phonon/lowercaseheader.h> (see
> Qt sources don't have per class forwarding headers, but the kdesupport
> sources (trunk, to-be-4.3) do.
> So I'm tempted to say we screwed up with Qt 4.4.0 and should rectify it
> immediately.
> We capitalise the P in the include dir, change the examples. For
> compatibility, we can provide a symlink for case-sensitive filesystems.
> And we add the per-class forwarding headers.
> Do we have an agreement?

Not sure I didn't misunderstand. You want the non-forward headers to be in the 
Phonon dir instead of phonon? That'd be wrong.

The real headers should be in include/phonon/. The location of the forward 
headers might be a little problem for Qt-only, if it says include/KDE/Phonon/ 
... But I fear that having both include/phonon and include/Phonon will get us 
in trouble.

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