Phonon thumbnail creator idea

Ivo Anjo knuckles at
Sun Aug 10 16:53:45 BST 2008


Recently I had the idea of doing a phonon-based video thumbnail creator for

The last few days I've been trying multiple ways of getting an image of the
current playing media, but my attempts of using things like QWidget::render
and QPixmap::grabWidget failed -- now it has dawned on me that as the
engines don't draw "onto" the VideoWidget directly, that way would never

I've also tried using the Phonon::Experimental::VideoDataOutput, but I can't
seem to grab the frame correctly, probably the backend I'm using doesn't
support it yet (or it really doesn't work yet, seeing as it is in

After all my failed attempts I thought about asking for some help. Is there
a better/proper way of grabbing a frame from a MediaObject? It would be nice
if there was a simple way to get a QImage or QPixmap from a frame, but my
use-case may be restricted enough that it doesn't make much sense to support

Thanks for your help in advance.
Ivo Anjo
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