Phonon memory usage

Leo Spalteholz leo.spalteholz at
Wed Apr 2 22:25:22 BST 2008


I've got a really simple little app that uses phonon to play an
internet radio stream and show past song titles on a timeline.  This
app uses delayed initialization of phonon (creates Phonon::MediaObject
when I hit play.  That's basically straight out of the phonon
example).  Before initializing phonon, exmap reports an effective
resident size of about 3MB. After hitting play, exmap reports
effective resident size of 28MB, with ~10000k in anon and ~8000 in
heap allocations.  Now I realize that some buffering is unavoidable,
but +25MB for handling an audio stream seems quite excessive.  Is this
typical or is it just an issue on my machine?


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