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On Tuesday 22 May 2007, SZOKOVACS Robert wrote:
> I trying to get familiar with the next-gen technologies in KDE, and I have
> a question that was not answered on the webpage:
> Will phonon have support for multiuser desktop?
> See my arts bugreport for the details:

As Phonon neither is a nor provides a soundserver the issue cannot be solved 
in Phonon.

Here's what I think how it should be solved:
1. ALSA defaults to working with dmix allowing multi-user access
2. if that doesn't happen: Distris have to configure the default installation 
to make ALSA work with dmix allowing multi-user access
3. if that doesn't happen :( KDE/Phonon has to examine the ALSA configuration 
and provide easy steps to configure the system correctly. If it determines 
that the only way to solve the problem is to run a soundserver then that 
should be configured for the user.

From what I've seen out there it looks like we have to work on point '3'.

I've looked at ALSA a bit regarding this issue and am confident that '3' is 
doable. Now it just needs somebody with time and motivation to look into it. 
I'll certainly be available to help on this, but can't work on it for the 
next 3 months at least.

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