KDE Startup Sound and KMix Volume restauration (especially coordinate with Phonon)

Christian Esken esken at kde.org
Sat Jun 23 11:08:00 BST 2007


since long there is a small issue with the KDE Startup Sound. It works, but when KMix volume restauration kicks in during startup, the volume changes. Also explained in http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=91267 .

I'd like to have that fixed for KDE4. Before checking back the possibilities on kde-core-devel, I would like to know whether there is special MM requirement I should take into account, like:
- Don't restore volumes if some-other-app is running
- Shall I restore volume levels for Phonon (for categories or apps)?
-- If I should do, when must the volume restauration being run? (something like Phonon => Volume Restauration => Startup Sound) 
-- If I shouldn't, who else does it? And what influence has that on the Startup sound?


Footnotes/further details

What we currently (KDE3) have is just the autostart phase in kmixctrl:

But it looks to me like a standard  autostart mechanism will not work. We need a dedicated "timeslot" for the volume restauration. Also, it is not enough to have the volume restauration *started*. It must be finished before the Startup Sound starts.

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