.ui files

Chris Gow sniffy at rogers.com
Tue Jan 16 15:20:45 GMT 2007


I would like to make some changes to the UI of KAudioCreator but I'm not sure 
what tool(s) I am supposed to use. I have tried:

KDevDesigner 0.2 (this comes with the kdevelop package from kubuntu)
Qt designer for qt3

In both of these cases, nothing gets displayed in the form in the designer.

I've also tried Qt designer for Qt 4 and that seems to work better except when 
I make changes to the UI file the tracks table stops working. That is, when I 
run the app the list of tracks is always empty. This occurs even if I only 
change one word in a label (so I can force a save). So I am guessing that the 
widget being used isn't understood by qt designer.

My env:
trunk (as of last week)
kubuntu 6.10

I've followed the setup instructions on developernew on how to set up a 
development environment (dunno if that is important or not).


-- chris

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