documentation of KsCD

Burkhard Lück lueck at
Mon Jan 15 09:45:39 GMT 2007


I am translating the documentation for KsCD and found this in the CD Player 
dialog of the configuration section:

<para>Set the <guilabel>Skip interval</guilabel> box to the desired number of 
seconds to move ahead or behind when the <guibutton>forward skip</guibutton> 
or <guibutton>reverse skip</guibutton> buttons in the Control Panel are 

But in the control panel I see only two buttons in the third 
row to skip forward (right) or backward (left) to the beginning of the next or 
previous track. 
No buttons to skip an interval backward or forward inside a track.

Is the documentation outdated?

Burkhard Lück

Please cc me as I am not subscribed to this list

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