convert libwm to standalone library

Richard Lärkäng larkang at
Wed Nov 22 21:32:01 GMT 2006

On Monday 20 November 2006 23:57, Alexander Kern wrote:
> Hi,
>  last week I had trying to fix the CDDA breakage in Kscd. CMake does not
> care about anymore. I would like to get rid of BUILD_CDDA
> define completely.
> Today libwm will be build twice, first as subproject of Kscd, and second as
> subproject of KAudioCreator. The last one builds only if CDDA part omitted.
> My roadmap is to move libwm to root of kdemultimedia and convert it to
> dynamic library.
> Have anybody any objections against this roadmap?

No objections from me. Just thought I should point out that kioslave/audiocd 
also builds libwm, so it's actually built three times. Also, do you plan to 
move kcompactdisc.{cpp,h} too, since that is also used by all those apps?


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