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Sat Nov 11 12:06:14 GMT 2006


I finally found time and started playing with the phonon API, great stuff so 
far. I'm currently testing everything with the xine-backend, mainly because 
avkode can neither seek nor control output-volume here. Furthermore I'm using 
the docs at 
as a reference.

Some things I stumbled over so far:

- initial Phonon::State is LoadingState, either the docs are misleading or a 
state is missing (i.e. "nothing playing and nothing loaded"-state).

- seeking results in audio-blips, could this be suppressed with a fade-effect 
as implemented in aKode?

- calling mediaobj->setUrl() with a shoutcast-url seems to connect 
immediately, not only after calling play(). Unfortunately calling play 
several seconds after setUrl() does not work properly then, sometimes 
resulting in crashes which I couldn't reproduce properly yet. Furthermore 
phonon goes into BufferingState after the setUrl() call, I'd expect that to 
happen after play()

- video output does not work at all here and hangs my app on resize. This 
could be related to:
"phonon (xine backend): WARNING: No xine video output plugin without XThreads 
found. Expect to see X errors."
Kaffeine works fine though, maybe it has to do with xine-config, I have no 
idea :(

- SeekSlider does not offer QSlider API and is a bit inflexible, the same 
probably applies to VolumeSlider

- SeekSlider seeking on a mousewheel-event seems to be < 1sec

- playing shoutcast-streams results in excessive debug-output about buffers 
(not grave but annoying if you're interested about other debug messages)

apart from that I'm quite impressed, I even saw meta-data for all files I 
loaded so far, very cool :)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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