KDE and Qt

Peter Kryszkiewicz vertexg at telus.net
Fri Jun 2 18:27:19 BST 2006

I'm trying to compile kmplayer and got stuck on differences between the 
internal versions of Qt that KDE evidently uses (the Makefile reports 
"kde_qtver = 3") and the standalone Qt on my FreeBSD system which is 
version 4.1.2. This results in the compiler error:

In file included from kmplayer_part.cpp:1125:
kmplayer_part.moc:14:2: #error "This file was generated using the moc 
from 4.1.2. It"
kmplayer_part.moc:15:2: #error "cannot be used with the include files 
from this version of Qt."
kmplayer_part.moc:16:2: #error "(The moc has changed too much.)"

What gives with KDE and Qt to cause this problem??

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