Phonon mailinglist or not

Christian Esken esken at
Tue Feb 21 22:03:17 GMT 2006

Am Dienstag, 21. Februar 2006 17:04 schrieb Matthias Kretz:
> Hi,
> just wanted to ask you: do you want to have kde-multimedia as the main Phonon 
> mailinglist or should I ask for a new mailinglist?
> Obviously I want all of your comments/insight/knowledge for Phonon, but if you 
> think this would get off topic for this list, I wouldn't want to advertise 
> this mailinglist for Phonon discussions.

Please keep the discussion here!
This ML isn't too busy, it can easily bear the "extra load". :-)

Also, if there is ANY way to run some bits and pieces of Phonon (I don't know yet how), or you need somebody to try something out, please post it.
I have a KDE4 base installation (kdelibs, kdecore) and am eager to give any feedback (be it about the NMM backend or whatsoever).


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