amaroK 'Fast Forward' 1.4-beta1 Released!

Mark Kretschmann markey at
Mon Feb 13 09:57:26 GMT 2006

Announcing version 1.4-beta1 of the amaroK 'Fast Forward' series

We are proud to announce the first beta release of amaroK 1.4, the 'Fast
Forward' series. This generation has a lot of shiny new features and
eye-candy. amaroK development has literally been in fast forward mode since
November, just to bring you the best media experience you could ever imagine,
so check it out NOW! Hunt and squash some bugs, not only to help the amaroK
team, but also for your own personal enjoyment. 

Some of the highlights: 
* Support for Metadata (Tags) in WMA, MP4/AAC and RealMedia (RA,RV,RM) files 
* Scriptable lyrics support, amaroK can now get lyrics from ANY lyrics site
  (if you, or someone else, make a simple script-based plugin) 
* Switchable Wikipedia locale 
* The xine engine now has gapless playback (Needs xine-lib 1.1.1) and audio CD
  support with CDDB lookups 
* Reworked media device system, the Apple® iPod® support has been improved
  enormously in the 1.4 series 
* iRiver®/ifp and generic media devices are now also supported, though the
  latter one is still quite unstable 
* Moodbar, a visual representation of your music's mood (requires exscalibar) 
* Lots and lots of user interface improvements 
* And last but not least increased stability by improved under-the-hood code

    * AudioCD (CDDA) support for xine-engine, including CDDB lookup. Patch by
      Alberto Griggio <alberto.griggio at>. (BR 121647)
    * The Helix engine now supports direct alsa playback using Realplayer 10.
    * New DCOP call "player: setVolumeRelative(int ticks)".
    * Options for Random Mode to favor tracks with a higher rating, score, or
      ones less recently played.
    * Support for playing entire albums. This works just like normal, except
      when choosing the next track, it'll go to the next track from the album
      it finds in the playlist, or the first track of another album otherwise.
    * Support for plain VFAT devices in the Media Device browser.
    * You can now mousewheel over a track's queue label to change its position
      in the queue.
    * Added a time-filter to the CollectionBrowser. Now you can make it show
      only those tracks, which have been added to your collection within the
      last day, week, month or year.
    * Fit to Width for the playlist columns is now optional (accessible in the
      context menu for the column headers).
    * On-the-fly transcoding when transferring to media devices, provided
      that an appropriate transcoding script is running.
    * Handle compilations as such on iPods.
    * New DCOP calls "mediabrowser: ..." for interfacing with media devices.
    * Multiple simultaneously connected media devices.
    * Lyrics support is now scriptable. This allows to add support for any
      lyrics site, and makes it possible to provide upgrades. (BR 94437)
    * New DCOP call "contextbrowser: showLyrics(string)".
    * New 'File Size' column in the playlist.
    * Amarok now supports ASX playlist files. (BR 114051)
    * New DCOP call "collection: isDirInCollection(const QString& path )".
    * New DCOP call "playlist: removeByIndex(int)". (BR 119143)
    * For mp3, aac/mp4, and ogg vorbis, it's possible to use Disc Number and
      Composer tags. (BR 110675) (BR 90503)
    * For xine-lib 1.1.1 and greater, xine engine has gapless playback. amaroK
      is now "The Wall" compatible. (BR 77766)
    * Option for selecting external web browser in amaroK. No longer requires
      KDE-Base. (BR 106015)
    * Press Enter in the Collection Browser filter to send all the visible
      tracks to the playlist.
    * Hold Ctrl while pressing Enter in the playlist's filter to apply to all
      visible items instead of just the first, and Shift to only queue and not
      play them.
    * Tags can be edited inline in the playlist by clicking on a single
    * Switchable Wikipedia locale. (BR 104383)
    * Initial port of GStreamer engine to GStreamer 0.10.
    * Drag albums and compilations from context browser to media device and
      playlist browser.
    * Browse your collection and other related artists with context browser.
    * Copy artwork to iPods capable of displaying it.
    * Show extended podcast info on iPod.
    * Optionally update playcount for items played on iPod and submit them
      to and synchronize ratings between amaroK and iPod.
    * Tracks can now be rated from 1-5 stars manually, in addition to the
      score which amaroK calculates automatically based on your listening
      habits. You
      can use the 'Rating' column and Win+1..5 to change the rating.
    * Ability to copy items from iPod and from filebrowser to collection.
    * New 'Last Played' column in the playlist, showing when the track was
      last played. (Like in the Context Browser.)
    * Browsers can be now accessed with keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+1..5.
      Also Ctrl+0 to close the current one, and Ctrl+Tab to switch the focus
      between the playlist and the active browser.
    * Downloaded podcast episodes can be deleted from the context menu.
    * New DCOP call "player: osdEnabled".
    * Add contents of smart amaroK playlists as playlist to media device.
    * Mediabrowser support for the iRiver iFP series!
    * New dcop call playlistbrowser loadPlaylist. (BR 110082)
    * New Edit Track Information dialog. Lyrics can be edited there, comments
      can have more than one line, some statistics and tag guessing from
      filename. (BR 93982)
    * Show/hide browsers via context menu. (BR 110823)
    * Display disk space on media device.
    * Copy standard and amaroK playlists to media device.
    * Create playlist from items transferred to iPod.
    * Edit dumb iPod playlists with media browser.
    * Ability to read .aa file metadata and to transfer audiobooks
      to iPod via file browser.
    * Optionally add new podcasts to media device transfer queue on download
      and remove podcasts already listened to on media device connect.
    * Add podcast shows to the Podcast folder on iPods.
    * Persistent media device transfer queue.
    * Incremental update of media device view.
    * Automatic scanning for stale and orphaned iPod items.
    * Moodbar!
    * configure: report not included extra features (BR 115057)
    * Ability to uninstall context-browser themes. (BR 111449)
    * More columns available in the Flat View of the Collection Browser.
    * New Collection Scanner, running in an external process. No longer can
      amaroK crash while scanning the Collection :)
    * Statistics tool!
    * Dragging external playlists into the playlist browser will add them.
    * NMM engine now has a configure dialog.
    * Collection scanner now supports WMA, MP4/AAC, and RealMedia (RA,RV,RM).
    * You can now Organize Music from the Collection Browser, to move and
      rename files to a logical place in your collection folders based on
      their tags.
    * Option to crossfade only on manual track changes. Useful for listening
      to consecutive tracks on a single album.

    * Dynamic Mode is now stateless, meaning there's no Dynamic Mode any more,
      only loading and unloading of Dynamic Playlists. There's also now a nice
      info bar above the playlist when a Dynamic Playlist is loaded.
    * The major huge context menu used for hiding/showing columns in the
      playlist has been replaced with a shorter one and a nice dialog.
    * Elapsed time / length in the systray tooltip now updates in real time as
      the song progresses.
    * Tooltips in the playlist for truncated text are now shown directly above
      the text, giving the effect of it being expanded to its full length.
    * The option for restarting scripts automatically at startup is removed,
      as it is now the default behaviour.
    * Reduced memory usage for large playlists to under 30% of pre-1.4
      versions. (Measured as the difference in memory usage between an empty
      playlist and loading the 'All Collection' smart playlist.)
    * Import iTunes album art from directories.
    * Media Devices (Apple iPod, iRiver iFP, ...) are now handled with
    * New default image for albums with no cover art.
    * When tabbing between cells while editing tags in the playlist, autosave
      the contents of the previous tag you edited, so you don't have to
      constantly go in and out of editing mode to edit lots of tags.
    * When saving playlists, if there's already one with the same name,
      instead of complaining about it, smartly append (2), (3), etc. to the
    * 'Stop Playing After Track' now has a shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+V), and a global
      shortcut for the currently playing track (Ctrl+Win+V).
    * Various keyboard usability and focus tweaks so using amaroK with the
      keyboard is nicer.
    * Upgraded internal SQLite database library to version 3.2.7.
    * Recoding mp3 tags has been removed due to many unjustified
    * Viewing track information of remote media will show the url.
    * "Update"-button is now hidden in the collection browser if "Watch
      folders for changes" is enabled in the options.
    * Playlist Browser now remembers which entries were open across startups.
    * The tooltip and the menu from the queue icon in the statusbar now shows
      the total length of the queued tracks.
    * The Home tab has been merged into the Current tab, now called Music.
    * New look for the current track marker in the playlist. Pimp my roK!
    * When turning either random or dynamic mode on, turn the other off,
      instead of completely disabling random mode when dynamic is on.
    * libgpod from gtkpod replaces kio based iPod support for improved
      compatibility with various iPod models.

    * Dragging text to a filter line edit would still show the "Filter
      Here..." text in the background. (BR 108876)
    * Don't show an empty playlist length holder in the statusbar.
    * Allow for % and _ in tags, and filter them correctly.
    * Do not copy files of types an iPod is not capable of playing to the
      iPod. (BR 117486)
    * Also take track number into account when comparing tags for checking
      if a track is already present on iPod. (BR 117380)
    * iPod nanos would not switch off during playing songs added with amaroK
      because of their file size not being set.
    * "Show Fullsize" now works for ID3 embedded cover images. (BR 114517)
    * Fix possible bug when saving unencoded podcasts to strange file systems.
    * OSD Preview did not update colours when toggling 'Use custom colours'
      option. (BR 115965)
    * Cached lyrics are not erased when rescanning. (BR 110489)
    * No more "can't create amazon table" warnings. (BR 113930)
    * Creating a new playlist via drag-and-drop no longer shows duplicates
      of each song until amaroK is restarted.

The amaroK team

amaroK is a soundsystem-independent audio-player for *nix. Its interface uses 
a powerful "browser" metaphor that allows you to create playlists that make 
the most of your music collection. We have a fast development-cycle and 
super-happy users. We also provide pensions and other employment-benefits.

"Easily the best media-player for Linux at the moment. Install it now!"
    - Linux Format Magazine

IRC: - #amarok,
MAIL: amarok-devel at

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