kmix: How can I override the device chosen for master output (3.3.1)

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at
Fri Aug 11 19:53:46 BST 2006

Em Friday 11 August 2006 11:30, Keith Hanlan escreveu:
> I am using RHEL-4 which includes kdemultimedia version 3.3.1. I
> understand from another posting on this mailing list that later
> versions of kmix have a "Select Master Channel" menu item. Since
> that is not available, I need some other mechanism to override the
> master output device. I've played around with the kmix and
> kmixctrl rc files to no avail.
> The problem in a nutshell is that our new HP PCs have three
> outputs:
>    - a rear jack which the system labels as "Headphone"
>    - an internal speaker which the system labels as "Mono"
>    - a front jack which is labeled "Front"
> Unfortunately, the rear jack is found first and so is chosen by

> So, is there some other mechanism that I can use to force kmix to
> find "Front" first?

You can setup "Front" as mater channel.
Easy way is select systray icon and choose option "Select Master Channel"

Hard way ( not so global ) is set $KDEDIR/share/config/kmixrc with the 
specific device like this:


12 is the number of device.

The order of devices cmoe directly from alsa, and we can't guess which is 
the "front" one, since modern integrated soundcards can put the "Front" 
output in different outputs, following 4 channel/6 channel mutable schemes.


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