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Thu Apr 27 18:15:44 BST 2006

On Thursday 27 April 2006 10:00, Arc Riley wrote:
> Because a plugin is loaded into the codespace of the parent program, and
> could be considered to violate the license of that parent program
> depending on which one you use.

'could' being the operative word.

> If you're working with a LGPL/GPL framework, contact the FSF license
> team before putting too much work into it. 

i'd suggest contacting the affected project first as they may actually want 
to, as has the linux kernel team, provide exceptions. the FSF may write some 
of our licenses, but they don't write our code. and it's the people who write 
the code that get to make many of these final decisions (where they aren't 
precluded from doing so by law, of course)

> Linus is just really lax about plugins and, I believe, ignoring the GPL
> in some violations in order to promote it's useage.

which is certainly his perogative.

i'd sooner see kde bring more companies such as logitech closer to us even if 
it means allowing some proprietary code to be written and deployed by them 
rather than chase as many of them away simply because we are overly adamant 
about everything be free software -right now-.

that said, this is really great news, laurent ... i do hope the kde mm people 
will be able to offer you some useful insights (mm really isn't my area of 
expertise). good work, and i hope your efforts with logitech continue to pay 
dividends =)

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