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On Tuesday, 25. April 2006 04:42, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> So, topics?
> - Matthias, could you do one on Phonon?

I certainly can and want to. I need you all to work for me! ;-)

No serious, I really would like to get a good discussion going on what you as 
multimedia application developers think Phonon still needs before getting 
released with KDE 4.0. After all the goal of Phonon is to make KDE 
applications like amaroK, noatun, juk, kmplayer (well, the name would be 
misleading then - but it's the functionality I mean) be fully functional with 
using Phonon exclusively. Phonon is what all of those applications have 
already done on a smaller scale: exchangeable sound output / media framework 

That means, after a talk about Phonon, I'd really want to talk about it and 
then produce some code. Either changing Phonon interfaces, or writing backend 
code or porting multimedia applications to use Phonon.

I have a few challenging topics (let's not discuss them here, if you have 
ideas/opinions write 'em down and let's talk about it at the meeting):
- What configuration options are needed? Which of them are global, which of 
them only need to be set by an application, and which global settings need to 
be overrideable.
- make hotpluging of audio/multimedia devices work globally (plug high quality 
USB soundcard -> amaroK transparently stops playing on internal soundcard and 
instead plays to the external soundcard)
- How should the mixer look like? Do we want to have some "multimedia control 
center" where you can control volumes, route audio and video signals to other 
computers in the network, and do arbitrary other funky things? (at the same 
time - and more importantly - making it simple for the average user that 
doesn't know what a PCM slider is supposed to do)

> Any other structural suggestions are welcome

I think we can think about structure some more when we know what we want to 
achieve with the meeting...

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