multimedia meeting agenda

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Tue Apr 25 03:42:52 BST 2006

Hi folks --

As many of you have heard, we've got a multimedia meeting coming up that's 
been organized by the fine people of KDE NL.  For logistic reasons they've 
invited a limited number of people, but we do still need to work out a 
tentative schedule for the meeting and since it's not exactly top secret, I 
thought this list would be a fine place for such.

Thus far there's not been much discussion of structure or content of the 
meeting.  (And I've not been involved at all thusfar, but I volunteered to 
start this discussion.)

In my experience having a little bit of structure, at least at the start of 
the meeting, is usually good.  i.e. actually having scheduled presentations 
and so on rather than just kind of hanging out for the weekend.

I don't know if we'll have any big sponsors or anything that want to provide 
speakers, but I added in a slot for that just in case.  After that a few 
presentations would probably be relevant:

So, topics?

- Matthias, could you do one on Phonon?
- Amarok folks, maybe plans for the future?
- ...

The number of slots there is arbitrary, if you've got something you'd like to 
present pick a slot and put it there.

Any other structural suggestions are welcome -- I just wanted to get the ball 



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