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Gianluca Varisco giangy at
Sun Apr 9 18:24:34 BST 2006

> hi!
> 1. Why postprocessing filters doesn't work with xine engine.
> I haven't find way to enable deinterlacing in this program with xine engine.
> video.output.xv_deinterlace_method is deprecated and don't work.
> 2. how to add files in playlist from filemanager or command line
> or make something like "Open only one instance of application at same time"
> Kmplayer 0.9.1b
> Thanks


Have you tried to upgrade Kmplayer to the latest stable (or unstable) 

7-April-2006 	KMPlayer 0.9.2-rc1 Released
17-March-2006 	KMPlayer 0.9.2-pre3 Released
   		KMPlayer 0.9.1c Released

ChangeLog is available at .

See for more informations.

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