Juk Feature Request

Phlod phlod at phlod.org
Sat Nov 26 06:15:09 GMT 2005

Hello everyone,

Here is my dilemma.  I use two media players on my computer.  amaroK for
music, and Juk for audiobooks.  I like this set up, as Juk handles
playlists a bit more elegantly than amaroK, which is handy for
audiobooks.  Frankly I couldn't care less about playlists when I listen
to music.

This works great except for one thing.  When I close Juk, it forgets
where I am in the book I was just listening to.  It would be wonderful
if Juk (like amaroK) could start back up right where I left off when I
closed Juk.  Honestly, that feature in amaroK is only kinda neat.  In
Juk, it would be a blessing.

Thank you for your time,

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