ARTS Migration Plan (brainstorming)

Charles Samuels charles at
Sun Jul 31 03:23:05 BST 2005

Christian Esken wrote, on Saturday 2005 July 30 5:20 am:
> So here are the questions:
> 1) Who do use/support/rely on the "arts SVN module" as "DEFAULT sound
> solution" [because it works best, or have ]not been ported, ...]. For
> exaple IIRC krec currently does work at all without arts.

Noatun 3 make-it-snow effectively requires arts because arts is, simply, the 
best solution we have right now.

mETz however is right.  We cannot port them until we have something to port 
them to.

> 3) Are there prerequisites before migrating these applications away 
> from ARTS?

I think mixing is more important than we're admitting.  I think dmix is hardly 
a solution, but I'm curious to know how (well) FreeBSD's mixer works.  I feel 
that the kernel developers have a religious hatred for kernel-level mixing, 
despite the fact that adding two audio streams is a trivial thing to 
implement.  It occurs to me that even resampling isn't necessary (on the 
basis that most sound cards these days only support 48000Hz).

One nice thing about aRts (that still isn't met by any alternative solution) 
is that since decoding was in the arts process, and arts had access to the 
sound card, it felt really close to "realtime."

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