[Bug 109508] Multimedia system setup tools and mountwatcher

Serja mekoc at inbox.ru
Sat Jul 23 17:56:43 BST 2005

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1. ability to choose the preferred applications for audio, video, dvd, etc 
2. the kio-audiocd (or any other kdetool) won't block the cdrom door on 
forevew or untill I login as root an umount the device (see some older but 
still unsolved yet bugs). 
3. this should work by default and not only on user friendly distributions 
which use heavy patches for kde to make things work normally.

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From: Thiago Macieira <thiago kde org>
To: mekoc inbox ru
Subject: [Bug 109508] Multimedia system setup tools and mountwatcher
Date: 23 Июль 2005 18:26
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