Need Help copying from cassette tape to Hard Drive

Arnold Krille arnold at
Wed Jul 13 16:49:28 BST 2005

On Wednesday 13 July 2005 08:49, Ralph De Witt wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. I fear that I will have to spend many hours playing
> to be able to fix the Marriage Service audio quality. My personal opinion
> is that in Graphics and Sound we are getting close to matching windows for
> features, but simplicity is still far off.

Thats mostly because doing _good_ audio and graphics is never simple. There 
might exist some tools which pretend that it is easy for the unsayable OS but 
it really isn't. Neither audio nor graphics. Otherwise you wouldn't pay large 
amounts for the apps on win and mac (and on linux you get ardour, rezound, 
audacity, sweep and much more for free :-) ).

> But that will improve with time. 

That depends, I am sure sooner or later there will be linux-tools which 
pretend it is easy. KRec is a step in this direction. But as soon as you 
realize what really is possible you will find these simple tools not 
satisfying and search for more. (Same is for graphics where you sooner or 
later will end with gimp altough it is not that easy to use in the beginning. 
Or you will end up letting the pro's do the work and not try to get 
professional results without knowledge...)


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