Noatun Upgrade

Yogesh Marwaha yogeshm02 at
Mon Jan 31 16:34:45 GMT 2005

I am a big fan of Noatun. I am using it right from the day when I 
first used Linux. What I liked was it simplicity and extensibility 
(plugins). But, now its future is unpredictable. Major factor for this 
is that there has not been any improvement/addition of feature 
I strongly feel that Noatun now needs a major facelifting. For that I 
have a few hints:  
1.	Make its engine also a plugin  
2.	Some neat features like cross-fade etc.   
3.	Somehow manage to play audio cds directly.  
Otherwise I do not see any major lack of feature in Noatun. I don't 
know if someone is already working on any of the above said, but would 
like to hear from you what you think of my ideas and if I am wasting 
my time writing plugins for Noatun (In case it is scheduled to be 
dropped from KDE). 

Yogesh M
Chandigarh, India
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