amaroK crashing when editing tags

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Sat Jan 22 11:35:20 GMT 2005

On Saturday 22 January 2005 12:28, Pavel Troller wrote:
> Hi!
>   I have a problem with amaroK stability. It crashes often, especially when
> I try to edit the tags of mp3 tracks. There are several kinds of the crash:
> 1) It just hangs. UI is frozen. If it plays during the crash, it continues
> to play until all the current track is played. It then doesn't start to
> play the next track. It must be killed.
>   2) It crashes, displaying its own nice crash dialog (in current CVS
> version, formerly it was a standard DrKonqui). I'm very sorry but I can't
> supply a valid backtrace, because all my KDE is currently compiled without
> debug symbols and even with amarok compiled with debugging, the backtrace
> is obviously unusable.
>   3) It crashes, terminates and nothing is displayed. It simply disappears.
>   All these crashes are there for a long time, I'm updating amaroK on a
> regular basis and waiting for a fix but still no luck. It can crash
> updating just one track. In a batch update (multiple tracks selected) the
> crash is almost sure. It's cvs HEAD running on top of KDE_3_3_BRANCH KDE.
> kdesupport (taglib) is also HEAD.
>   Is anybody able to reproduce this crash and eventually supply its
> backtrace ?

There are a lot of reasons it could be crashing, but developers aren't going 
to do the legwork for you.  Chances are that just by recompiling taglib with 
debugging (should take less time than it took to write this mail) you might 
get the interesting part of the crash.

And then of course the appropriate place to report such things is via the 
bugtracking system...



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