[Bug 81671] ogg vorbis files play at faster speed than normal

Bruno bonbons67 at internet.lu
Thu Jan 13 00:09:08 GMT 2005

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------- Additional Comments From bonbons67 internet lu  2005-01-13 01:09 -------
A work-around for my distortion problem is to define buffer-size in Alsa's ~/.asoundrc for dmix and dsnooped which are a MULTIPLE of the FragmentCount * FragmentSize set for Artsd. (Shouldn't artsd handle that correctly, especially as this buffer information is dependent on the sample-rate!??)
(note that artsd is not flexible to configure for buffer-size from KControlCenter, e.g. 10ms buffer can't be set exactly there! (needs to be 15*128 for 48kHz)).
In addition, setting buffer-sizes for dmix and dsnoop that are different let artsd refuse to start with the following message:

AudioSubSystem::handleIO: write failed
len = 4096, can_write = 6000, errno = 17 (File exists)

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