[Bug 64968] non-global key bindings word

Stefan Gehn mETz81 at web.de
Wed Jan 12 22:31:10 GMT 2005

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------- Additional Comments From mETz81 web de  2005-01-12 23:31 -------
I'm partly on my way of implementing something close to this. Mainwindows will use KDE standard classes for actions like play/pause/next and have their shortcuts accessible through the well known "configure shortcuts" dialog (as visible in most kde apps). That will even work for skinned windows (example: I can press spacebar to pause/unpause playback here).

If I find a good way how to restructure video-playback I can create a generic video-window which will just copy the actions from the current mainwindow and thus have exactly the same shortcuts. But please don't hold your breath on the video part, it's not highest priority for me (I just don't think that audio and video playback should be in the same application, they have different needs on gui-side).

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