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Matthias Kretz Matthias.Kretz at
Tue Aug 9 21:24:55 BST 2005

On Friday 29 July 2005 16:14, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Coolo asked me earlier about the fate of aRts in trunk (which just switched
> over to KDE 4).  I suggested at this point that I didn't see any reason to
> keep a copy there; there's essentially no work being done on it and we plan
> on dropping it as a dependancy in KDE 4.
> Does anyone have an objection to aRts being removed from trunk?  If not
> I'll give him the "ok" in the next day or so.

I'm sorry that I chime in so late...

I think the arts module should remain in trunk. Though it should be moved on 
level down (i.e. out of /trunk/KDE/ to /trunk/). The reason is that in order 
to use aRts from KDE4 applications a few small patches to the Qt binding code 
in aRts is needed. This can not be done in the 3.5 branch since that is 
supposed to compile with Qt3/KDE3 code.

Also my kdemm-aRts backend needs the Qt4 version of the aRts libs.

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