Noatun 3.0

Stefan Gehn mETz81 at
Mon Aug 1 19:42:34 BST 2005

Yogesh M schrieb:
> It is really good news for me that noatun 3.0 is actually taking some
> shape. Is there any document which describes new features added (or
> removed features, if any)?

Nope, no document has been written yet, maybe I should write a little 
roundup on what I did to the codebase on

It's mostly stripped down if you simply look at it:

- only has few plugins, actually only one for mainwindow and one for 
- you cannot configure loaded plugins in the prefs properly, best is to 
edit noatunrc manually
- playlist-handling is a bit chaotic (stuck in the middle of a redesign)

- many API changes for plugins, actually it's actually a rewrite
- configurable keyboard-shortcuts and pluggable menus for plugins
- output plugins, arts is optional, there's one for akode and one for 
gstreamer (right now I recommend arts if shoutcast-streaming is wanted, 
otherwise use pure akode)

> Is it currently in a state from where I can
> compile and run it?

Well, it works and compiles on my system and I think also does on at 
least one more system (hey Charles *g*). IF something doesn't compile 
I'm happy to fix it.

> If yes, I want to have a go at it. Please guide me
> on how can I download it. (Hint: I do not have internet access in my
> home box.).

It's only in SVN right now and can be found in a branch called 
"make-it-snow", located at
You still need the root directory from kdemultimedia above that noatun 
dir in order to build it.

Right now it's still based on KDE3, no idea when porting starts for 
KDE4, that mostly depends on kdelibs for KDE4 being in a usable shape.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz

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