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On Thu, 25.11.04 11:04, Allan Sandfeld Jensen (kde at carewolf.com) wrote:

> > http://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2004-November/msg00557.ht
> >ml
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> > As I haven't found a discussion about polypaudio on this list I thought I
> > might as well inform you about that discussion. According to [2] the
> > GNOME-ppl will not decide about the soundserver for GNOME 2.10 until Januar
> > 10 2005.
> >
> Polypaudio has been advertised here as well. I've looked at it and it is 
> actually pretty good, but ASFAIK it still hasn't got a gstreamer driver, or 

Wrong. It has a gstreamer driver, it has already been merged into
gstreamer-plugins. There's much room for improvements in that driver,
but it works basically. (What is missing: up to now it's only a sink,
no source. The volume control interface is not implemented yet. The
polypaudio audio clock and latency info is not yet exported to the
pipeline.) It's good enough for Rhythmbox and the like.

> proven that a synchronized gstreamer driver is even possible.

What do you mean by "synchronized gstreamer driver"? If that means
that latency and clock info is exported to the pipeline: yes that is
possible. I wrote the Gstreamer driver and I investigated the
gstreamer API well enough to say "yes, that is possible". In fact the
xine and mplayer drivers have already been merged upstream; you get
lip synchronous video playback over the network with both of them. It
werks very well, and effectively it's the same case as with gstreamer.

Lennart (the polypaudio guy)

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