noatun/...../kitsystemtray.cpp doesn't compile

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Wed Nov 17 20:22:15 GMT 2004

The file kdemultimedia/noatun/modules/systray/kitsystemtray.cpp doesn't 
compile for me, at least not in --enable-final mode; it bails like this:

In file included from noatun_systray_la.all_cpp.cpp:4:
/mnt/src/kde-HEAD//kdemultimedia/noatun/modules/systray/kitsystemtray.cpp: In 
member function `virtual void KitSystemTray::wheelEvent(QWheelEvent*)':
error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant

The reason is the use of the enum None, which is #defined by some stupid X 
headers; I can't quite hit upon the solution used in the rest of KDE, for 
instance kcontrol/kicker uses an enum None with no problems. #undeffing None 
fixes the problem, of course, but feels icky. Can someone provide a more 
elegant solution?

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