why artsd?

Andreas Hartmetz ahartmetz at web.de
Sat Nov 6 23:21:17 GMT 2004

Hi everyone!

I am using Debian sarge-testing with KDE 3.3 and what really annoys me is the artsd sound daemon.
It has a high latency, is full of unnecessary functions (it is a software synthesizer by design, mind you!) and it does not support 24 bits samples.
The obvious choice, now that it is there, is the jack audio connection server which is:
-lean & mean
-designed for the purpose artsd is being abused for
-24-bits compliant
-as it looks, quite cleanly designed

while artsd is

-not being actively maintained (as it seems to me)
-crashing often (fixed in the version included in the latest "unstable" debian release, ironically)
-stereo only (?)
-8/16 bits only
-unable to use the abilities of "high-end" sound cards like electrical direct routing of input to output
-generally leaving the impression of some half-assed semi-good software

My inofficial opinion is that artsd is a piece of crap ;) (and _nobody_ is using it except KDE, if you don't believe me just google for artsd)
That being said, I'd like to discuss the issue with whoever feels like discussing it.
Oh, and I am willing to do some work if necessary.

Regards, Andreas
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