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On Monday 08 March 2004 23:51, Tom Chance wrote:

> I'd like to invite everyone on this mailing list to contribute to the page 
> when you have some spare time. Feel free to add tasks you feel Quality Team 
> members could complete, and to update the status of tasks like documentation 
> and bug testing for your particular application(s).

Well, a *lot* of the bug reports that come in are along the lines "No sound 
comes out..." etc.  Almost invariably these are user configuration errors.  
But it takes time to sort this out.  It might be nice if there was a quality 
team list for bug triage to which bugs could be assigned when it's pretty 
clear to a developer that it's likely not a bug, but still has to be dealt 
with until the reporter is convinced of this.

In the cases where it turned out to actually be a bug this could be transfered 
back to the developer for further investigation.

This is just very time consuming for popular applications (presently I get 
about 5 mails a day just related to JuK bugs).  I really think that at some 
point we'll have to shift to a "first / second [/ third?] level support" 
scheme where bugs don't by default go to developers.  I think at some point 
the distributions will also have to get involved in the process...but now I'm 
drifting really off topic.  ;-)

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