[Bug 70028] sound kmail notification crash

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Thu Mar 18 23:30:40 GMT 2004

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------- Additional Comments From bastian kde org  2004-03-19 00:30 -------
I'm concerned about the part that says:
	** (process:9157): CRITICAL **: file gslopmaster.c: line 248
	master_process_job): assertion `node->inputs[istream].src_node ==
 	NULL' failed
That suggests that something goes wrong before the disconnect already.
It looks like AudioPort gets connected twice, which is really not supposed to happen. (See also MultiPort)

Can someone who experiences this problem add assert(source == 0) to the top of void AudioPort::connect(Port *psource) like this:

void AudioPort::connect(Port *psource)
        assert(source == 0);
        source = psource->audioPort();

Does it now crash on that assert? Can you post a backtrace?

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