[Bug 74972] noatun does not play any sound on Linux/AMD64

Duncan Hill kdebugs at nacnud.force9.co.uk
Thu Mar 18 22:00:55 GMT 2004

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Just filed a message on the gentoo forums, and then found my way here via a Gentoo bugzilla entry.  http://www.nacnud.force9.co.uk/snapshot1.png is what noatun + fft scope looks like when noatun is trying to play a song.  Enabling the fast hardware option gives me sound, and a flashing FFT scope.

http://www.nacnud.force9.co.uk/libnoatunarts.dump.gz is my objdump - don't know if it has symbols or not.  If a developer needs an amd64 to poke at, I can offer ssh to my system if it'll help.  gcc -v is same as Guido.  An ldd of kaboodle and noatun shows that both link libasound.  When kaboodle is playing, the FFT scope is happily active.

Eh, I just noticed that when Juk fires up, I see an entry in the audio manager, but Juk has no bus associated with it.  I can assign the out_soundcard bus, but there is no FFT activity, nor is there any sound.  I can also run both noatun and kaboodle at once, and get overlapping sound.

If kaboodle is the first app to start, and noatun is started afterwards, without hardware volume control, noatun does not produce sound.

Tell me what else to poke at, and I'll poke it.  I'd like to get this sound issue resolved so I can hook my server up to my stereo :)

Oh, according to the ebuild file, the configure line looks something like:
--enable-audio=oss,alsa --with-alsa --with-arts-alsa --enable-motif --enable-slang --with-cdda --disable-strict --disable-warnings.  I'm not familiar with the ebuild process yet, so I can't work out anything else.

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