Max Howell max.howell at methylblue.com
Tue Mar 9 02:00:08 GMT 2004

On Monday 08 March 2004 16:50, Marco Lohse wrote:
> hey, great! I briefly looked over your code, and it looks good.

You are kind, it is hacked together based on much experimentation until I got 
it to a state that was stable and would play music :-)

> Then I realized that we do not have any real documentation on 'how to
> develop applications with NMM' :(  Therefore, I added two new items to
> our documentation today:
> http://graphics.cs.uni-sb.de/NMM/current/Docs/intro/index.html
> and
> http://graphics.cs.uni-sb.de/NMM/current/Docs/helloworld/index.html

These are terrific! The introduction is good, and is pleasantly concise. The 
step-by-step examples are wonderful and have helped me better understand the 
registry among other things. I used the many examples that came with the 
distribution and the introduction in your paper to learn how to build the 
preliminary engine for amaroK, the new documentation will be of much use to 
others and myself I am sure.

> I also added the various 'helloworld' examples to our sourceforge CVS (I
> might take some time until the updates are available for anonymous
> access...)
> I hope this information will be useful for you to improve the NMM
> support for amaroK :)

Yes I should think so. I'll try a few things tomorrow to make the NMM backend 
more complete. Currently it's only good for play and stop or local files.

> Feel free to send me comments about the new documentation.

There was reference to the new pieces in each step being highlighted in bold, 
but they didn't appear to be highlighted :-) Otherwise as said, it should 
prove very useful.

> Unfortunately, I was not able to compile amaroK from CVS since it seems
> to require automake 1.6.1 ( I have 1.4-p4 installed ) ... I will try to
> resolve this issue.

Best of luck there. I wish I could offer some advice, but automake and it's 
friends are like voodoo to me. If you do require assistance with regard to 
amaroK, you can reach us via amarok-devel at lists.sourceforge.net.

I'll almost certainly write to your mailing list in the next few days as I 
have a few questions about how to finish off the features in the engine, and 
probably how to improve the code that is already there. Thanks to the 
helloworld examples I should be able to make some improvements already. I'm 
enjoying using NMM and hope that I can convince some more users to install it 
and use the amaroK NMM engine once it's in a more usable state (the only 
thing preventing that currently is time-based seeking, I should think)

Many thanks Marco :-)

Max Howell; Bristol, UK; http://www.methylblue.com/

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