Marco Lohse mlohse at cs.uni-sb.de
Mon Mar 8 16:50:42 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Max Howell wrote:
> CVS commit by mhowell: 
> * Preliminary support for NMM in amaroK (http://www.networkmultimedia.org)
> * The amaroK team hope to help kdemultimedia decide on the multimedia framework for KDE 4 by building backends for the candidates into our product. The NMM engine can be built into amaroK by configuring --with-nmm --with-nmm-includes=/path/to/includes. Then select the engine in amaroK preferences.
> * Building NMM is notoriously difficult due to it's high number of library requirements some of which also have specific version requirements. If you want to build and try out NMM please drop by #amarok for tips.
> * My experience with building the engine was a little frustrating due to the lack of useful documentation. The engine is limited currently in that it only plays mp3s and Vorbis files, has no seeking and supports no scopes. But it'll play. I'm using it exclusively because it is more kind to my system than aRts.
> * I hope that other people will help build the rest of the engine and gauge the suitability of NMM for KDE. NMM's strengths appear to include it's vast number of plugins which allow you to read and ouput many file formats and the ease with which one can write new plugins, its flexibility and its well-structured c++ (which also uses exceptions).
> * Finally, review of the configure.in.in modifications would be appreciated.
> CCMAIL: kde-multimedia at kde.org

hey, great! I briefly looked over your code, and it looks good.

Then I realized that we do not have any real documentation on 'how to 
develop applications with NMM' :(  Therefore, I added two new items to 
our documentation today:


I also added the various 'helloworld' examples to our sourceforge CVS (I 
might take some time until the updates are available for anonymous 

I hope this information will be useful for you to improve the NMM 
support for amaroK :)

Feel free to send me comments about the new documentation.

Unfortunately, I was not able to compile amaroK from CVS since it seems 
to require automake 1.6.1 ( I have 1.4-p4 installed ) ... I will try to 
resolve this issue.

Have fun, Marco

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