amaroK 1.0.1 released

Mark Kretschmann markey at
Mon Jun 28 19:11:05 BST 2004

The amaroK team announces version 1.0.1 of the amaroK audio player

This is a maintenance release, fixing the following issues:

  FIX: Short dropouts after starting a stream with GStreamer.
  FIX: amaroK starting invisible when systray icon is disabled.
  FIX: Playlist analyzer looks freaky on some systems. (BR 83671)
  FIX: Display filename in title column for wav files. (BR 83650)
  FIX: Don't show crash dialog when no engine plugins are found.
  FIX: Compile issue for KDE 3.2.0 users.

The amaroK team

IRC : #amarok
MAIL: amarok-devel at

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