Noatun systray module patch

Stefan Gehn sgehn at
Tue Jun 22 18:44:10 BST 2004

On Sonntag Juni 6 2004 17:22, Steffen Pingel wrote:
> Hi,
> I have attached a patch against the current noatun systray module cvs (from
> 2004-06-06). The patch does the following:
> [SNIP]
> The patch was inspired by the JuK systray code and the result looks alike.

I'm currently working on it. In your next patch please adapt coding style to 
whatever the file uses, the spaces and wrongly placed curly braces aren't 
really nice to look at :)
Still have to clean up the config thing a bit before I commit, covers aren't 
displayed in passivepopups anymore so the logic is wrong right now.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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