Great new KMix is commited ... feedback appreciated

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Wed Jun 16 23:38:22 BST 2004

On Wednesday 16 June 2004 15:18, Christian Esken wrote:
> Hello,
> I commited the completely refactored KMix to KDE HEAD.
> If anyone feels like giving it a try, I would appreciate feedback very much.
> Please direct your answers either directly to me - or to the list, if 
> appropriate. 

Stuff does in general seem much improved.  I had actually been running with a 
KMix checkout from KDE_3_1_BRANCH for quite a while (though I recently had 
switched back to head and just given up on the kicker applet).  ;-)

So far I've noticed two things -- color gradients seem to be broken in the 
applet; I can't tell if they're on and you've just changed the colors so that 
the gradient is so slight as to not be noticeable, but with the theme that I 
use and the default theme they're not really visible anymore.

I also just got a crash on logging in again:

#11 0x41737a59 in snd_mixer_selem_has_capture_switch_joined ()
   from /usr/lib/
#12 0x416d8a81 in Mixer_ALSA::setRecsrcHW (this=0x8088878, devnum=72, 
    at mixer_alsa9.cpp:397
#13 0x416db215 in Mixer::setRecordSource (this=0x8088878, devnum=72, on=false)
    at mixer.cpp:352
#14 0x416da84c in Mixer::volumeLoad (this=0x8088878, config=0x806ae50)
    at mixer.cpp:155

I'm not sure how the devices are numbered, but even for my emu10k1 based card 
devnum=72 seems a bit suspect.


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