Major KMix Update: Shall I commit

Christian Esken c.esken at
Wed Jun 16 02:02:05 BST 2004


I am nearly finished with the complete overhaul of KMix. Only thing left are the "Switches".

For now I go to get some sleep.
When I ake up, I will work on the switches. This will take me about 3 hours to fix.

After that I would like to commit. OK?

A hint, why it should be shipped with KDE3.3:

- Fixed an enormous amount of long outstanding bugs
- Also fixed several crashes.
- Fixed the terrible "volume restore problem" (where e.g. Channels "ADC", "DAC" and others would go down to "zero")
- "Everything feels right". This is because everything works - e.g. any slider/button/tooltip is updated in all situations
- I even did an workaround for the self-made major "Record Source Selection" problem with ALSA.
- A miracle has happened: The KMix PanelApplet (including saving) works :-))))
- The new Channel Selector (allows you what you channels you want to see and which not) - this is a must !!
- And more more more

It would be a shame, not to commit this thing.


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