KMix Update (Update :)

Christian Esken c.esken at
Tue Jun 15 03:21:23 BST 2004


here is a little update on the KMix refactoring. I am nearly finished. About everything is running fine again. The user visible aspects are:

- New Switch View
- Resizing works 100% perfect (validation of panelapplet pending)
- Faster: At least it feels faster. And due to eliminating many signals and copying less data, KMix has probably actually gained speed.
- several bugs from fixed including crashes

Many things already work better than before, but some things are still missing.

So here's my personal "Showstopper" list. If any of those items will not be done, I will not commit it before KDE3.3.

1) Get Switches working
This means: ALL switches: Record-LED's, MUTE-Switches and regular switches.
Currently only the DockAreaPopup MUTE-Switch is working.
This is the biggest work.

2) Get splitted sliders working
Non-splitted slider do work perfectly.
Splitted slider do update correctly (OSS), but you cannot change them yourself correctly.
There might also be a small "balance slider" problem
This should be not much work.

3) Make "mouse wheel" work
Implemented and should work already, but currently only works on balance slider.

4) Volume Tip is 0% always
also kmixdockpopup must update volume.
Problem is known, ViewDockAreaPopup::refreshVolumeLevels() is not yet implemented.

5) Switches MUST be restored properly
Otherwise they might get a default (wrong) value, rendering the complete sound hardware
useless (until all switches are restored).
Problem is known, implementation of saving/restoring switches is missing (not much work)

6) kmixapplet restoring
Must be extensively tested. 


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