kscd is heavy broken, again

Alexander Kern alex.kern at gmx.de
Fri Jun 11 23:52:28 BST 2004

Hello Aaron,

I trying kscd after long pause an was very impressed. Again a new cool optic 
and AGAIN nothing works...

nothing is for me are

1a. cdtext
	if you do not have internet access, getting socket failed without any signal 
-> no cdtext request
1b. cdtext
	if you disk with custom compilation, freedb lookup failed again and no signal 
will be emit -> no cdtext request

2. combo box
	track switching is not reflected in combo box

3. track decrementing(press previous)
	I have a test disk with 6 songs
pp press previous
pn press next

current 5, pp 4, pp 3, pp 2, pp 1, pp 0 What 0? pp 6....
current 1, pn 2, pn, 3, pn 4, pn 5, pn 5 no go at this point

So, that is not very amusing for me, but I try to fix these issues.
And I would to ask you and everybody, who read this lines on kde-multimedia 
list, PLEASE PLEASE do not change stuff, which you not willing to test, or 
understand completely.
Please don't understood me wrong. I am lucky, that more peoples will to 
contribute to kscd. I wish, it just works. 

Regards Alex

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