[Bug 86133] kdemultimedia package breaks sound

Lieven Buts lieven at ultr.vub.ac.be
Thu Jul 29 07:46:01 BST 2004

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------- Additional Comments From lieven ultr vub ac be  2004-07-29 08:45 -------
I also had problems with the intel8x0 ALSA driver, as discussed in 
bug #69320. Briefly, there is a mixer setting called "External amplifier 
down", which was enabled by default in KMix causing the laptop's built-in
speakers to be disabled.

I have just upgraded to Linux 2.6.7, and I have noticed that ion the 
most recent ALSA version, the name of the mixer control has been
changed to "External amplifier" and its meaning has been reversed!!!
It now has to be turned on to enable the laptop speakers.

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