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Sat Jul 17 19:59:19 BST 2004

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On Saturday 17 July 2004 6:25 am, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> I don't think the question is if it will be in the next release, but
> whether it or mpeglib will be default for playing mp3s and ogg-vorbis (it
> will still play flac and mpc files)
I think it should be.

> It kinda looks like this:
> - aKodelib might not work on some platforms:
>   * I know for certain that the pluginloader needs a few fixes for non-ELF
> system (naively assumes .so extension). (HP-UX)
IMO, they should be arts plugins, and then load a common akode.so. Move all 
the portability concerns to arts, where they're already solved (and only have 
to be solved once). And having the akode framework within the arts framework 
seems a little bit redundant to me...
>   * For some systems the plugins might also need to be statically linked to
> their dependencies. (non-chained library loading)

If it doesn't work on a platform, the people who compile for that platform can 
switch to mpeglib. To me, 90% of our users (Linux users) should get priority 
over the 10% who run other platforms.

>   * I am not sure all our supported platforms even have the dlopen/dlsym
> calls... (?)
Don't use dlopen, use lt_dlopen, if you don't already. KDE definitely requires 
lt_dlopen to function.

> - aKodelib is new and _will_ have odd bugs of its own, but atleast I am
> actively maintaining it.
Yes, that's true, but it's well worth it given the problems in mpeglib.

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