[Bug 71463] Noatun cuts playing few seconds at end of some songs

Matthew Melendy melmd at reymel.com
Sat Jul 17 02:04:54 BST 2004

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------- Additional Comments From melmd reymel com  2004-07-17 03:04 -------
Follow up to previous comment: tried recomping arts, arts-devel, kdemultimedia, kdemultimedia-devel SRPMS using -O0 optimization instead of -O2 - same results :( Also when I did that arts utilization jumped from 0.7% during playback to 3.25% (just FYI, to be expected with less optimized code.) 

Allan or others: I have seen references to kodek and akode as possible replacements for mpeglib. Will akode help with this situation? Will akode be included in final version of KDE 3.3?

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