[Bug 83723] xine_artsplugin/configure.in.in doesn't disable plugin even if --without-arts is specified

Laurence Withers lwithers at users.sf.net
Fri Jul 16 10:07:48 BST 2004

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------- Additional Comments From lwithers users sf net  2004-07-16 11:07 -------
Sure, sure, but arts isn't for everyone :-)

Consider systems without soundcards, or with hardware mixers, etc. Combined
with high CPU usage (one of the Gentoo devs reports 20% CPU usage from arts on
his Apple laptop, dropping to 5% for sound without arts), there is some
motivation for achieving this.

Whilst I appreciate that fixing bugs in this vein isn't going to be high
priority, the "--disable-arts" configure machinery is already in place and
you've already written a working patch, so we might as well allow users
like me to live without arts. In fact, other than a couple of tricky bits, I
have a KDE 3.3 beta system running without arts right now, and it rocks!

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