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Florian Ehrenthal dizzinger at gmx.net
Mon Jul 12 23:27:47 BST 2004


I don't know if this is the right list to post this to, but here we go :)

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Subject: small kmix patch
Date: Tuesday 06 July 2004 18:28
From: Florian Ehrenthal <dizzinger at gmx.net>
To: esken at kde.org

hi Christian,

attached is a little patch, that adds a toggleMute function to the dcop
interface of kmix. i've found this quite comfortable in combination with
khotkeys, to have a single button mute/unmute sound. well, one can do the
same without that patch, but you'll need to write/run a shellscript then from
within khotkeys.
hope to see this in kde 3.3

Florian Ehrenthal

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