Problem with kaudiocreator and lame

Tim Wunder tim at
Tue Jul 6 01:16:55 BST 2004

I'm having a problem with kaudiocreator and lame. I have a CD I'm trying to 
rip & encode to MP3 (Dave Alvin - Blackjack David) and kaudiocreator seems to 
be able to only encode one of the tracks (track 2), all the other tracks get 
encoded as a 0-byte file.
$ rpm -q kdemultimedia
from kde-redhat and
$ rpm -q lame
which appears to be from

When I use kaudiocreator to rip as .WAV, I can encode the .WAV files to MP3 
using lame from the command line.

If I set up kaudicreator to encode to OGG format, all the tracks encode fine.
The command line settings in kaudiocreator for lame are:
lame --r3mix --tt %song --ta %artist --tl %album --ty %year --tn %track --tg 
%genre %f %o

From the command line, I used 
lame --ty 1996 --tn 1 --tg Country "01-Blackjack David.wav" "01-Blackjack 

Hmmm.....those aren't the same are they?
...time passes...

OK, I just tried 
$ lame --r3mix --tt "Blackjack David" --ta "Dave Alvin" --tl "Blackjack David" 
--ty 1996 --tn 1 --tg Country "01-Blackjack David.wav" "01-Blackjack David 
from the command line and it resulted in:
LAME version 3.96 MMX  (
CPU features: MMX (ASM used), 3DNow! (ASM used), SSE
Using polyphase lowpass filter, transition band: 17960 Hz - 18494 Hz
Encoding 01-Blackjack David.wav to 01-Blackjack David CL.mp3
Encoding as 44.1 kHz VBR(q=3) j-stereo MPEG-1 Layer III (ca. 8.2x) qval=3
    Frame          |  CPU time/estim | REAL time/estim | play/CPU |    ETA
     0/       ( 0%)|    0:00/     :  |    0:00/     :  |         x|     :
     0/11457  ( 0%)|    0:00/    0:00|    0:00/    0:00|   0.0000x|    0:00
 32 [0]
 40 [0]
 48 [0]
 56 [0]
 64 [0]
 80 [0]
 96 [0]
112 [0]
128 [0]
160 [0]
192 [0]
224 [0]
256 [0]
Segmentation fault

Must be a problem with lame. Unfortunately, kaudiocreator doesn't seem to be 
coping with lame's failure very well. I would expect (as an end user) some 
sort of error dialog saying that lame failed to encode the track, and asking 
me if it should keep trying the rest of the jobs, or something like that.

Would that be worth a bug report (something like "kaudiocreator ignores lame 

BTW...if I eliminate the --r3mix  from the command line, lame encodes the file 
fine. Apparently, that's s'posed to enable variable bit rate sampling, which 
I suppose I can live without. Appears to be a known bug in lame, though:
Odd that it encodes some files fine, though.


Fedora Core 2, Kernel 2.6.6-1.435,  KDE 3.2.3, Xorg 6.7.0
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