artsd and 2.6 kernel

David A Iacobellis dave at
Fri Jan 30 13:08:32 GMT 2004

I am running kde 3.1.5 on suse 8.2 with a sblive card.  All sound was working 
fine with the suse 2.4.20 kernel.  I recently upgraded to the 2.6.1 kernel.  
Now I have no system or konqueror sounds.  All other sounds, kwintv, kradio, 
kscd, all of the games I have tried, and kmix work fine.  Artsd is running 
and I have not found any errors in the logs.  All of the obvious things such 
as volumes and mutes have been checked.  For alsa I upgraded alsa-libs, 
tools, and utils to 1.0.1 and patched the 2.6.1 kernel with the 2004-01-20 
patch.  The 2.6.1 kernel has basic alsa sound support compiled into the 
kernel and everything else is compiled as modules.  Yast2 will not configure 
the sound card even though it detects it so I configured the card using 
alsaconfig.  lsmod shows all sound modules as being loaded.  Does anybody 
have any idea why I have no system or konqueror sounds.



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