Problem with KMix in KDE CVS

Lieven Buts lievbuts at
Mon Jan 26 07:51:34 GMT 2004

I have been looking at bug #69320 ( 
because it affects KDE on my Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop with Intel i810 
on-board sound.

It seems that the CVS version of KMix is switching on the "External amplifier 
power down" control of the ALSA mixer, whereas the 3.1.x versions do not.
When this ALSA control is turned on (unmuted), the speakers on the laptop are 
shut down. The control can be turned off again in CVS KMix by enabling the 
"Advanced" checkbox, which reveals additional controls.

I am now trying to find out how widespread this kind of organization is. Is it 
Dell-specific, or is it a i810 chipset feature?

Lieven Buts
Department of Ultrastructure
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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